The Adoption Triad Asks:
Who am I really?

by Alice B. Davenport, M.S, CFLE
Porch Light Press, 2009
Las Cruces, NM

Reviewed by Barbara Free, M.A.

     This little book, self-published, is by a therapist in Las Cruces, NM, who attended our recent conference. Although not an adoption triad member herself, Ms. Davenport seems to have good insight into the various issues.
     This is a good first book on adoption issues, particularly for adoptive parents whose sons or daughters are searching or considering searching for birth family. It would also be a helpful introduction for therapists who have no training in long-term adoption issues (which most therapists do not, unless they’ve attended adoption conference such as O.I.’s or AAC conferences).
     The author relates her own lack of training or understanding, and her subsequent learning, so that she could competently help others. She discusses the various issues birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents might have, the experiences of newborns, and the need for persons to know their full identity.
     The book also has a good, if short, bibliography, which would provide more reading that could prove valuable. One book not mentioned that has been very helpful to many is The Other Mother, by Carol Schaefer.
     Copies of the book, or more information, can be obtained by contacting the author at: Porch Light Press, 1300-G El Paseo Rd. #126, Las Cruces, NM 88001, or e-mail at
     She also welcomes thoughts and comments on this or her other short books. Ms. Davenport is a welcome addition to our New Mexico adoption scene and a good resource in Las Cruces.

Excerpted from the July 2011 edition of the Operation Identitiy Newsletter
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